Faster Execution of Tasks Optimum Use of Resources

Custom-made app development solutions for the competitive global environment.

NADSOFT is an outsourcing company offering full range of custom app development services to clients from a wide variety of business domains and verticals. Whether you are an established business or just a start-up, we have expertise to help you every step of the way in building you a custom app that takes your business a stride up in the game.

We Build Custom Apps

We build scalable and powerful apps, tailor-made using the latest technologies and leveraging agile development processes. Applications have developed overtime to a point where they are expected to provide levels of usability and interactivity that make them stand out from the competition. We make use of the latest technologies and together with serious engineering and thoughtful design, we create fully functional and highly tailored solutions for clients from all industries and business domains.

Faster Execution of Tasks. Optimum Use of Resources.

Smart and Result Driven Apps

    We help our clients make informed decisions through custom-made apps allowing them to collaborate better as team, streamline their business operations while also allowing them to have an engaging interaction with their audience through digital campaigns.

Scalable and High Quality Apps

    Through our expert team of professionals, we create for you highly scalable and high quality apps tailor-made to the individual needs of businesses: from start-ups to industry giants. We make our apps easy to navigate, intuitive and straightforward, creating meaningful experiences for the user.

Fast and Responsive

Our custom-made apps are responsive and fast, making them ideal for the best user experience and increasing customer engagement.


Using the best coding practices along with latest encryption technologies, we make apps secure from all kinds of looming threats.


Our apps are built to handle high traffic. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any downtime while processing massive amounts of data. Our team of developers is expert in producing high-quality codes following the highest industry practices and standards laid out by the giants of the industry. We also make a point to stay up-to-date when it comes to the latest development and evolutions in the technological world.

What Makes Us Different?

Iterative Development Approach: We are experts in creating complex applications rapidly while also handling the changing requirements and improving on the overall quality of the product using a thorough QA process.
Superior Product Quality: We build a top-class product through a thorough phase of testing and getting approval from the client. We keep on working until the client is satisfied with the app and is happy to make it go live.
Ease of Use: Our experts make sure the apps are intuitive and creative but at the same time, are also easy to navigate and use. Our highly responsive apps are fit to be used on mobile or desktop ensuring your clients have excellent user experience.

What our clients say